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What is Financial Planning?

Whether in business or personal matters, financial planning establishes a strategic plan to help you reach your goals.

Business Ownership

Business Ownership

One of the biggest challenges of business ownership is balancing the needs of the business with personal financial goals. You may want to invest in the business to help it grow, but also want to save for your children's education or plan for your own retirement. Benson View Private Wealth helps create comprehensive [financial plans] that take all of these goals into account and helps business owners and professionals make informed decisions about where to invest their money.

Providing comprehensive health benefits is one of the best ways to retain the talented employees and attract new ones. Our professional employee benefits team will assist the in identifying the best benefit options and strategies to attract and retain employees and provide guidance on how to manage these costs while still providing valuable benefits to employees.

Personal Coverage

Personal Planning

The people of Vancouver Island work and live here because they value a natural lifestyle and spend most of their free time hiking, camping, and exploring the beautiful outdoors with friends and loved ones. Along with their love for nature, they also want to make sure they have a strong financial foundation for their family's future.

Benson View Private Wealth focuses on their values and priorities and help them create comprehensive financial plans that not only aligns with their love for a natural lifestyle, but also takes into consideration their energetic lifestyle and their legacy. With our help, you are able to create a plan that provides peace of mind and a secure financial future while still allowing you to enjoy the natural lifestyle you cherish.

Retirement Strategies

Retirement Planning

Transitioning to retirement can be an exciting opportunity to pursue new interests and activities, and to live a more fulfilling life. As such, taking the decision to transition to retirement requires careful consideration and planning to ensure that the transition is smooth, and the desired lifestyle can be maintained.

One important factor to consider in any maturation strategy is financial planning. By considering all aspects of retirement, including financial, health, and personal goals, Benson View Private Wealth help [individuals and couples] take the steps necessary to ensure a smooth transition to retirement and a better lifestyle.