We are a local Nanaimo business with island values.


Benson View Private Wealth is a financial advisory firm that is committed to values that truly matter. Our core philosophy is the belief in the power of connection, with our clients and with our community. Fueled by a deep sense of internal gratitude and a drive for excellence in all we do.

Our passion is people

Coralee Katzberg, B.A., CFP®
Investment Representative
Coralee Katzberg | Certified Financial Planner | Nanaimo, Courtenay

Coralee Katzberg is a highly accomplished financial advisor, known for her energy and positivity. She approaches her work with sensitivity and grace, always striving to understand the unique needs of her clients. Coralee truly feels fulfilled by helping others and takes great pride in the positive impact she has on their lives.

In addition to her professional success, Coralee also places great importance on personal growth and self-awareness. She believes that trusting in oneself and not allowing uncertainty to hold one back is crucial for achieving one's goals. To maintain balance and well-being, Coralee makes a point to appreciate nature and takes time to enjoy the beauty of the world around her. Her approach to life is one of positivity, grace, and determination, making her a respected and highly sought-after advisor by business owners, professionals, and families across the island.

Lee Odgers, B.A., CFP®
Certified Financial Planner®
Investment Representative
Lee Odgers - Bensonview Wealth - Nanaimo BC

Lee Odgers has built a successful career by placing a strong emphasis on the importance of relationships. He values his connections with clients, friends, and family, and always makes time for the people who matter most to him. He is known for his spontaneity and excitement, always looking for new opportunities and experiences to explore.

As an advisor, Lee understands the importance of planning in order to achieve financial goals. He takes great joy in helping others grow and achieve success and is a skilled leader who knows when to take charge and when to let others shine. He also loves traveling to different cultures, which allows him to bring new perspectives to his work. With his unique combination of expertise and personal approach, Lee Odgers is a trusted advisor for those seeking to reach and sustain their personal and financial success.

Kelsey Arnold
Group Benefits Associate

Kelsey Arnold is a dedicated senior support associate at Benson View, working with both individual and group benefits clients. She has been with Lee Odgers and Coralee Katzberg since her entry into the business, prior to the creation of Benson View Private Wealth.

With a background in finance and a passion for growth and stability, Kelsey is known for her clear explanations of complex concepts and commitment to client satisfaction.

Kelsey’s positive attitude and enthusiasm for her work makes her a valuable member of the team. Her hard work and determination are key values that firmly align with the core values of Benson View Private Wealth.

Christina Chen
Advisor Support Associate
Christina Chen

Christina Chen is a dedicated Advisor Support Associate who works with individual clients. While she is our newest addition to the team, her commitment to outstanding client service shines brightly.

With a background in client services and a passion for family financial planning, Christina is known for her quick completion of projects and commitment to strong teamwork and growth.

Christina’s positive attitude, resilience and determination contribute to her role as a key member of the Benson View Private Wealth team.

We’re excited to start a dialogue, learn about you, and co-create a plan that helps you on the road to success!